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Object & Totem has been operating as a unique handmade studio since 2011 and has generated a variety of projects from office displays to custom residential installations.  Working directly with the customer or interior design firm with a collaborative professionalism is a high priority including an awareness of realistic timelines, budgets and a quality end result.  If you'd like to submit a project inquiry, please submit a brief inquiry below.  For projects requiring additional sketches, quotes and color samples will require a non refundable deposit depending on the project scope.   

Loan Program

Object & Totem studio is accepting rentals for short term usage (i.e. prop styling, events).  Please inquire for interested item(s) for rent, the length of time needed in the contact form below.  You will be asked to sign a rental agreement form which requires a security deposit in which is refunded upon item returned intact.  The rental cost will be based on a percentage of the item(s) value and an estimate will be issued accordingly.  Processing and shipping will be an additional cost.  If availability and time permits, pick up can also be available from the studio. 

Project Inquiry/Loan Request

    Thanks for submitting!

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